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Fr. Zacharias to Visit Toronto Mission of Compassion

Fr. Zacharias, a monk and spiritual guide from the monastery founded by Elder Sophrony, in Essex, England, is a disciple of St. Silouan the Athonite and the author of several best-selling books. The Elder will graciously give three retreats at St. Silouan the Athonite Mission and St. John the Compassionate Mission, 155 Broadview Avenue, in Toronto Ontario, M4M 2E9, from February 12 to the 16, 2014.

Fr Zacharias’ rich schedule at St. Silouan the Athonite Mission Parish and St. John the Compassionate Mission in Toronto, Ontario, Canada will be as follows:-

Wednesday, February – 12 Compline and a brief address from Fr. Zacharias at 8:30 PM
Thursday, February 13 – Clergy Retreat 9 AM to 2 PM
Friday, February 14 – Youth Retreat (ages 13 to 20) 6 PM to 8 PM
Saturday, February 15 – Adult Retreat 10 AM to 6 PM
Sunday, February 16 – Matins begins 8:45 AM; Divine liturgy begins 10 AM, followed by Trapeza.
Note: St. John the Compassionate Mission is in co-operation with local neighbourhood groups and Social Services in Toronto serving anyone in need since 1986. St. John the Compassionate Mission is incorporated as a non-profit organization and issues tax receipts. St. John’s is an Apostolate of the Carpatho-Russian Diocese of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

For more information, visit St. Silouan the Athonite Mission or St. John The Compassionate Mission web site or call (416) 466-1357.

Elder Zacharias Final St. Tikhon’s Visit

Archimadrite Zacharias will be visiting St. Tikhon’s Monastery and Seminary in February, 2014.

His schedule will be as follows:

Saturday, February 8: Vigil 4pm, Dinner 6 pm, talk open to all visitors 7pm.
Sunday, February 9: serving at the Divine Liturgy and giving the Homily 9am
Monday, February 10: speaking to STS Seminarians in the morning 9am

This may be his last visit to America, so don’t miss the chance to hear this modern staretz of traditional Orthodox spirituality.

For more information, go to St. Tikhon’s Monastery and St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary.

Prof. Christopher Veniamin – Guest Speaker for “Spiritual Day” in Pickering ON, Canada

Dr. Christopher Veniamin, Professor of Patristics at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in South Canaan PA and President of Mount Thabor Publishing, has been graciously invited to address college students from three Coptic Orthodox parishes in the vicinity of St. Mary & St. John The Beloved Coptic Orthodox Church in Pickering ON, on Saturday, February 15, 2014. Thanks to Fr. Daniel Bessada, the day will begin with the Divine Liturgy, which will be followed by two presentations (with time for Questions), the first in the morning, the second in the afternoon.

Based on Prof. Veniamin’s recently published book, The Orthodox Understanding of Salvation, the first presentation will be, “The Orthodox Understanding of Salvation: ‘Theosis’ in St. Silouan the Athonite and Elder Sophrony of Essex”; and the second, “The Orthodox Interpretation of Holy Scripture: St. Gregory Palamas and the Key to Understanding the Bible.”

For further information, please visit St. Mary & St. John The Beloved Coptic Orthodox Church or call (905) 837-0888.

Elder Zacharias Returns to Wichita

Archimadrite Zacharias, of the Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of St. John the Baptist, Essex, England, will be the Guest Speaker for the 2014 Annual St. Raphael Clergy Brotherhood Retreat, of the Antiochian Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America (under the Omophorion of Bishop Basil Essey).

The retreat will be held February 4-7, 2014, and will consist of six talks. The general them is entitled, “To live a Christian life is impossible. All one can do as a Christian is ‘die daily’.” For more information, go to Bishop Basil Essey.

Panegyric on Three Great Hierarchs

Dr. Christopher Veniamin, Professor of Patristics at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in South Canaan PA and President of Mount Thabor Publishing, will give the Panegyric on the Three Great Hierarchs for the Greek Letters’ Day Celebration of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church School in Bethlehem PA. Prof. Veniamin’s brief presentation will be delivered in English and in Greek at 5pm on Saturday, February 1, 2014.

President of MTP Appointed External Evaluator of School of Theology, University of Thessalonica

Dr. Christopher Veniamin, Professor of Patristics at St. Tikhon’s Seminary and President of Mount Thabor LLC, has been appointed as an External Evaluator for the School of Theology in the University of Thessalonica. In recognition of his services to higher theological learning, from December 8 through December 15, 2013, Dr. Veniamin will be joining a team of experts, who will conduct an on-site evaluation of the Thessalonica School for accreditation purposes. Appointed by the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency of the Greek Ministry of Education this is an honor for Dr. Veniamin personally and constitutes further confirmation of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania as a place of higher theological learning, and of equal standing with other institutions of higher education in Greece, the European Union, and the wider Orthodox and academic world.

New: The Orthodox Understanding of Salvation by Christopher Veniamin


Available for pre-order to ship on December 15th, The Orthodox Understanding of Salvation brings together some of Dr. Veniamin’s talks and articles, hitherto available in relatively little-known theological journals and periodicals, which pertain to the fundamental question of the purpose of human existence, to Salvation, as understood in the age-old and unbroken tradition of the Orthodox Christian Faith – the faith of the Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs and Saints of our Lord, God and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

This is a scholarly work, which aims to initiate the reader into the fundamental theological presuppositions of Patristic theology. The juxtaposition of works delivered to diverse audiences is deliberate, inasmuch as it is designed to demonstrate that the same principles are applicable to the sermon and theological treatise alike, that in the Orthodox Christian tradition there is no separation between ethics and doctrine, but rather that Christian living and theology are one indivisible reality, because Christ – the measure of all things human and divine, created and uncreated – is One.

Divided into two parts, Praxis and Theoria, this book covers a wide range of topics, based on key Scriptural passages and the writings of some of the greatest masters of the Christian spiritual life, all of which are held together by criteria which are born not of speculation but of the face to face encounter with the living God.

Pre-order now for promotional pricing »

New Mount Thabor Website Launched!

website-launch We are pleased to announce the launching of our new website! Launched, appropriately, on the feast of St Gregory Palamas (November 14), we hope that the new, crisp and elegant design will enhance our visitors’ experience of the goods and services offered by Mount Thabor.

Looking with enthusiasm to the future, Mount Thabor LLC is now comprised of both Mount Thabor Publishing and Mount Thabor Telecommunications, which we trust will better serve our hopes and aspirations for the future: to continue producing quality books in Orthodox theology, and offering video and audio materials that will help to educate and inspire.

Grateful to God and to all of our valued customers, this milestone in the history of Mount Thabor would not have been possible without the assistance of Deacon Joel Wilson of Rolla Creative LLC.

Digitization Project Begins with Kindle

Klaus-OnKindle In our continuing effort to promote the Orthodox Christian faith, worship and ethos, we are embarking on a project to digitize all of our publications. We hope that our valued patrons will avail themselves of the opportunity to buy copies of our titles for themselves and also offer them as precious gifts to their friends and relatives.

Beginning with the popular Kindle format, the first title in our digitization project is Klaus Kenneth’s best seller, Born to Hate Reborn to Love.

Our other titles now available on Kindle:

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