Patriarchal Recognition for MTP

Mount Thabor Publishing is deeply humbled and greatly honoured to receive blessings and encouragement for our publishing endeavours from none other than the Ecumenical Patriarch himself, Bartholomew I of Constantinople.
Patriarchal Letter-English-2
Please note that the Patriarch’s blessing extends to all those who have assisted MTP in our ministry.
Therefore, our deepest gratitude goes out especially to our Fathers in God and brethren in Christ, to our authors, associates, colleagues, and to all our patrons who, by their prayers and in many and various ways, have supported and continue to support our ministry.
We give thanks to the Most Holy Mother of God, and to all the Saints, who throughout the ages have been well-pleasing to Our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ, to Whom be all glory, honour and worship, together with the Father without beginning, and the all-holy, good and life-giving Spirit, now and for ever, and unto unending ages. Amen.
Attached hereto is a copy of the original letter together with our translation of it into English.
“+Bartholomew, Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch
“To the honourable Management of the publishing house “Mount Thabor Publishing”, beloved children of our Moderation in the Lord, grace and peace from God.
“With much joy and emotion did we receive and with a lively interest have we looked through the publications which you reverently submitted to our Moderation.
“Commending always and rejoicing together with those who in the fear of God serve literature and edify the people of God, we thank you for the submission of these works, which we will deposit in our Patriarchal Library for the wider benefit of all, once we have gathered from them things good and profitable for our own spiritual edification, storing them in the library of our soul and heart.
“Evaluating them in this way, we may say in thanksgiving together with Basil the Great, that “it is not natural for a lesson learned by force to remain with us, whereas those things which enter in with delight and grace somehow reside more permanently in our souls.”
“Wherefore, in response, we congratulate you for your publishing endeavours and thank you for sending the abovementioned works, praying that by delighting in the content of these works specialists and the people of God will receive the greatest spiritual benefit, and we wholeheartedly impart unto you, to those with you and to all those who assist you our Patriarchal blessing, calling down upon you the Grace, the Illumination, and the infinite Mercy of the Wisdom of God.
“+Bartholomew I of Constantinople, Fervent Intercessor Before God
“This 14th of February in the Year of Our Lord 2014”
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