Question 1: “Memory Eternal” and “In Christ”


Dr. Christopher when we sing “Memory Eternal” during a funeral service or whenever? I was thinking we are asking God to remember their Souls and that their name would not be forgotten by God.  I heard a sermon at a funeral today when the priest stated we should remember that person, thus memory eternal.

 Also why do we say “In Christ” when signing a letter to one another rather than other spiritual endings?

This has been on my mind for awhile now so I thought I would ask.


When God “remembers” us, we live. 

And yes, in God we too “remember” one another (as God remembers us). What is characteristic of God becomes characteristic of His Saints. So this is an expression of Union and Communion with God, and through Him with one another. 

We are not obliged to say, “in Christ” - we are free to sign-off in any God-pleasing way we wish.