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Mount Thabor Publishing (MTP) is a very humble publishing house, which strives to publish quality books in Orthodox theology and the spiritual life, such as the extraordinary homilies of St. Gregory Palamas.

This enterprise has been modestly funded during the years I taught at St. Tikhon’s Seminary, and I thank God for the small but significant contribution MTP has made in publishing since 2005.

My hope now, however, is not only to continue this work, but to increase the ability of MTP to publish valuable books in the theological, ascetic and pastoral tradition of the Orthodox Church.

Though mostly self-funded hitherto, I am now hoping to do more in fulfilling the potential of this ministry, in terms of both publishing and teaching.

Please consider a small donation, which would enable MTP to keep such publications as Saint Gregory Palamas: The Homilies in print, as well as bringing new titles to the attention of the English-speaking peoples throughout the world.

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Donations may be made by check, payable to Mount Thabor Publishing, 106 Hilltop Rd, Dalton, PA 18414. 

You may also donate by "Zelle", which is a free money transfer facility, available through many banks in the United States.

Zelle transfers should be made to Mount Thabor LLC, entered into the First Name field, and our email address is


Dr. Christopher Veniamin
Founder and President
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