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Left to Right: Dr. Christopher Veniamin, St. Sophrony the Athonite, Fr. Raphael Noica

Left to Right: Dr. Christopher Veniamin, St. Sophrony the Athonite, Fr. Raphael Noica

Purpose and Mission 

The Mount Thabor Academy is committed to quality tuition and to producing videos and podcasts in Orthodox theology and the spiritual life.

Inspired by St. Sophrony the Athonite, and as a member of his spiritual family, it is my hope to introduce you to the vast treasury of his ascetico-theological vision, and to the lineage which he represents. 

For this reason, it is my intention, as President of Mount Thabor Publishing, to produce videos, podcasts, eBooks, audiobooks, and print books that are in keeping with this healing tradition - the tradition of prayer and stillness, the tradition which bears witness to the fact that theology is not a set of ideas or concepts, but rather a state of prayerful dialogue and loving communion with none other than Christ Himself, our Lord, God, and Saviour. 

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About the President of The Mount Thabor Academy

Dr. Christopher Veniamin is a spiritual child of St. Sophrony the Athonite (1896-1993).

Born and raised in London, England, of Greek Cypriot parents, Dr. Veniamin holds his first degree in theology from the University of Thessalonica and his doctorate from the University of Oxford.

Professor Veniamin is Emeritus Professor of Patristics at St. Tikhon's Seminary in Pennsylvania, and Dean & COO Emeritus and Professor of Patristic Theology and Dogmatics at the Antiochian House of Studies in California, where he helped to establish the Ph.D.Program in Orthodox Studies, and spearheaded the drive for ATS accreditation.

Dr. Veniamin's works include Saint Gregory Palamas: The Homilies; The Orthodox Understanding of Salvation: "Theosis" in Scripture and Tradition; and The Transfiguration of Christ in Greek Patristic Literature: From Irenaeus of Lyons to Gregory Palamas.

Dr. Veniamin also holds the four-year Degree in Byzantine Music from the celebrated School of St. Romanus Melodus and St. John Damascene in Thessalonica, and is a pupil of Eleftherios Georgiades, former Lampadarios of the Great Church of Christ.

Professor Veniamin is also the Founder and President of Mount Thabor Publishing (MTP), established in 2005 to produce quality books in Orthodox theology and the spiritual life, and the presenter of videos and podcasts for The Mount Thabor Academy, on the interrelationship between the theology and spiritual life of the Orthodox Church, with particular reference to the Holy Bible and the witness of the Church Fathers, past and present.

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