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The MTP Collection for Libraries

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Buy the complete MTP collection for libraries and save 25% (plus free shipping in the US). An invaluable addition to any library, including parish and seminary libraries.

The MTP library collection currently consists of the following titles: The Orthodox Understanding of Salvation, by Dr. Veniamin + Born to Hate Reborn to Love, by Klaus Kenneth + The Hidden Man of the Heart, by Fr. Zacharias + The Parables of Jesus + On the Saints + The Saving Work of Christ + Miracles of the Lord, by St. Gregory Palamas + The Enlargement of the Heart, by Fr. Zacharias + Ecclesial Being, by Constantine Scouteris + Fasting Food, by Katie Mantzarides + Man the Target of God, by Fr. Zacharias + Mary the Mother of God + Remember Thy First Love, by Fr. Zacharias + Saint Gregory Palamas: The Homilies